African VLBI Network Training Site


Radio Astronomy Training for Development in Africa:

The African VLBI Network (AVN) is a project to build an African Very Long Baseline Interferometric (VLBI) network, partly by converting redundant satellite Earth-station antennas across Africa to use for radio astronomy.  SKA-SA and HartRAO  are busy converting the redundant 34-m telecommunications antenna in Ghana to a radio telescope. The Ghanaian radio telescope will be the second element, HartRAO is the first, of what will eventually become the AVN. There are 29 documented 30-m class telecommunications antennas in 19 African countries though some no longer exist. It is proposed that more of these can be converted and added to the AVN. Each addition will improve the present global VLBI networks. Currently there are plans, to convert two more antennas in Kenya and Zambia and some new built antennas are also considered. 



SKA-SA and HartRAO are providing the basis for developing the AVN both for hardware development and technical and scientific human capacity development.The image on the left shows the 26-m radio telescope at HartRAO.