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Invited Talk: Tuesday 24 April - Dr Michael Bietenholz

24 April 2018 16:30 - 17:30

Title: The Dynamic VLBI Sky

Author: Dr Michael Bietenholz 
              South Africa
              Senior Research Associate
              York University
              Toronto, Canada


Transient VLBI sources such as supernovae, GRBs, FRBs and tidal disruption events.

More about the author:


Michael Bietenholz obtained his BSc degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in Physics and his MSc and  PhD from the University of Toronto, Canada in Astronomy. The title of his PhD theses is "A Radio Study of the Crab Nebula". Since then Michael was first a post-doc and now a senior research associate at York University, Toronto, Canada, and since 2007 also an astronomer at HartRAO.