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DARA Annual Networking and Steering Committee Meeting 2017

Networking and Steering Committee Meeting: March 2017

I would like to thank everyone for attending the Annual Network Meeting and their continued support.
It was reassuring to see so many of our partners support this meeting and we are looking forward to the future collaborations
in the DARA Phase 2 project that started on the 1st of April. All partners were impressed with the level of student knowledge and
their enthusiasm, and we would
like to congratulate all of the DARA students. 

   - Patricia Grant, DARA Project Manager UK

It was great to see the DARA project moving forward with more students from more countries joining the meeting and great
interest and enthusiasm from all the partners. I look forward to next year when the meeting will grow considerably further
again with full participation from all eight AVN partner countries.

   - Melvin Hoare, DARA Project Chair UK

Image: Steering Committe Meeting, 30 March 2017, Ekudeni Conference Centre, South Africa
DSCF3214 2