African VLBI Network Training Site


Invited Talk: Wednesday 21 March - Mr Matthias Schartner

21 March 2018 16:30 - 17:30

Title: VLBI Simulations and their Applications for the AVN

Author: Mr Matthias Schartner
              Research Group: Advanced Geodesy
              Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation
              Technische Universität Wien


VLBI is the only space geodetic technique which is able to orientate the Earth in space. The quality of such a position depends mainly on the distribution of stations around the globe. Therefore, it is of high  importance to choose the position of a new telescope with utmost care. Using VLBI simulations we are able to objectively evaluate the benefit of certain positions and give recommendations for new telescopes. We will demonstrate this technique by evaluating the best position for a  possible future sites on the African continent. Further, we will show more practical applications of VLBI simulations,  such as the optimisation of VLBI schedules and the assessment of the accuracy of new intensive sessions.

More about the author:


Matthias Schartner is a PhD student at the Technische Universität Wien. He studied Geodesy and Geoinformation and got his Master’s Degree from the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) in 2016. In his master thesis he investigated the effects of sea level rise. Shortly before he finished his master he started to work for the research group Higher Geodesy where he actively develops the Vienna VLBI and Satellite software (VieVS) and is responsible for the creation of schedules for the AuScope VLBI network. For his PhD thesis Matthias is creating a new scheduling software which will be able to produce VGOS schedules.