African VLBI Network Training Site

2017 March AVN Training School

Exercises & Data

Introduction to microwave measuring Instruments  <download>
Near and far-field test  <download>
Near-field data sheet   <download>

Coordinates exercise sheet  <download>

Microwave Recievers:
Calibrating a microwave LNA  <download>
LNA calibration data sheet  <download>

Astronomy with a small radio telescope:
Measuring the brightness temperature of the Sun exercise sheet  <download>

Drift-scan observations:
Hydra A drift-scan data sheets  <download>
Drift-scan observations and calibration exercise sheet  <download>

Spectroscopy worksheet  <download>

Pulsar catalogue <download>
Visibility ipython notebook <download>
Introduction to pulsar data analysis  <download>

NATRADFreqPlan2013GG  <download>

Antenna Conversion:

Antenna conversion discussion & exercise sheet  <download>

Radio Surveys and Data Mining:
Ipython notebook exercise  <download>

Introduction to Interferometry:
Two-Element Interferometer exercise notes  <download>
Fourier transform ipython notebook exercises  <download>
Dataset for imaging with CASA  <download> 

Introduction to Geodetic & Astrometric VLBI: 
Introduction to VieVS - package  <downlaod>
Analysing a session using VieVS Exercise 1  <download>
Analyse Cont14 session Exercise 2  <download>

Geophysical Modelling and Experiment Scheduling for VLBI:
Cont14 test models Exercise 3
Scheduling a Geodetic VLBI session  <download>


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