2018 April AVN Training School

Exercises, data and notes

Introduction to Equipment & Instrumentation:
Intro to Microwave Measuring Instruments Exercises

Coordinates for Astronomy Exercises

Microwave Receiver Systems:
Near- and Far-Field Test Exercises
Near- and Far-Field Test Data Sheet
LNA Calibration Exercises
LNA Calibration Data Sheet 

Astronomy with a Small Radio Telescope:
Brightness Temperature of the Sun Exercises

Drift-scan observations:
Hydra A drift-scan data sheets
Drift-scan observations and calibration exercise sheet
ipython notebook exercises

Bayesian Statistics & CMB Cosmology:
Parametric Fitting using PyMC

National Frequency Plan
RFI Exercises 1
RFI Exercises 2

Measuring the Redshift of Voyager:
Link to Google Drive with notebooks and data

The two-element interferometer exercises
Radio Interferometry and ipyton notebook exercises
CASA exercises

Astrometric VLBI and the ICRF-2:
Introduction to Exercises
TOPCAT Exercise Sheet