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Call for Applications for Doctoral and Masters Bursary for 2019

DARA South Africa 

Call for Applications for Doctoral and Masters Bursaries for 2019 <call for applications>

DARA South Africa will consider applications from academically excellent students who wish to undertake postgraduate-level research relevant to the scientific goals of the South Afrcian Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) and the Afrcan VLBI Network (AVN) Project, and who are:

  1. Citizens of Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia or Zambia and, 
  2. who attended and completed the DARA basic training and,
  3. who wish to pursue a masters or PhD degree at a local univesity in the applicant's home country and, 
  4. who are interested in one of the availble 2019 projects

Closing date for applications is 1 April 2019