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Invited Talk: Thursday 16 May 2019 - Prof Mike Jones


16 May 2019 15:00 - 16:00

Title: Radio Cosmology & the Cosmic Microwave Background

Author: Prof Mike Jones
              Oxford University

Radio Cosmology and the CMB, or, Why you should believe in the Big Bang theory. In this talk I'll introduce some of the basic ideas in cosmology, describing our current view of how the universe has evolved from the Big Bang. I'll describe some of the key ideas and observations that have led to this view of the universe, and how they fit together to give us a coherentl (if still incomplete) picture of how the universe evolved.

More about the author:

M Jones

Mike Jones is Professor of Experimental Cosmology at Oxford University. Mike studied Natural Sciences and Electrical Sciences at Cambridge University, and then did his PhD and postdoctoral work at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, working on the design and construction of radio telescopes for measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation. He moved to Oxford in 2005 and continues to work on designing novel radio telescopes for cosmology, including the Square Kilometre Array.