African VLBI Network Training Site


Additional Software


sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk python-opencv python-pandas python-sympy

Application   zip

Open and extract to home folder

chmod ug+x pynterferometer


Starlink (Application   OR ON STICK)

Extract to home folder


CASA (Application OR ON STICK and PDF Manual)

  • Unzip application to home folder
  • cd ~/casa/lib
  • mv python python2.7
  • Open ~/.bashrc for edit:              gedit ~/.bashrc
  • Add at end of file:

# added by R Botha for CASA and Starlink, 2016/04/07
export PATH="/home/avntrainee/casa:$PATH"
export STARLINK_DIR=/home/avntrainee/star-2015B



SAOImage DS9 (Application)

Extract to home folder


AIPS services update

and apply with commad:

sudo cp services.txt /etc/services



sudo apt-get install emacs gthumb gimp gv


Data archive OR ON STICK

Extract to home folder


Zambia hosts file:



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