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2019 AVN May Training School

Reading Material, Notes and Exercises


General Notes on Radio Astronomy:
Online lecture notes

CHPC Registration and Material:
CHPC events page
Python Examples

Coordinates Notes
Coordinates Exercise sheet

Introduction to Equipment & Instrumentation:
Intro to Microwave Measuring Instruments Exercises

Signal Processing:
Signal Processing Matlab Exercises
Signal Processing Matlab Script (horn.mat)
Signal Processing Gnu Radio Exercises

Notes on Meaurement Errors:

Radio Astronomy with a Satellite Dish:
radio_astronomy_with_a_satellite_dish notes
Brightness Temperature of the Sun Exercises


Microwave Reciever Systems:
Antenna near field measurements notes
Antenna near field measurements exercise sheet
Microwave LNA Calibration notes
Microwave LNA Calibration exercise sheet


Drift-scan observations:
Hydra A drift-scan data sheets
Drift-scan observations and calibration exercise sheet
ipython notebook exrecises


Spectroscopy data reduction:
Spectorscopy data reduction exrecise sheet
Spectral line data and Python script

Pulsar Data Reduction:
Pulsar python notebook and data

Radio Frequency Interference
National Frequency Plan
RFI Exercises 1
RFI Exercises 2

Data Mining:
Data mining python notebook

Two-element interferometer exercises

Geodetic VLBI:
VieVS Exercises 1
VieVS Exercises 2
VieVS Exercises 3

Scheduling and Simulating VLBI data:
Schedulng Exercise
Simulation Exercise

Astrometric VLBI:
Working with ICRF Catalogues Exercise sheet

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